Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries, Inc. is now doing business as Evergreen Life Services. Evergreen has enjoyed a proud history of providing excellent services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities since 1959.

About Evergreen Life Services - evergreenls.wpengine.comEvergreen began when a Presbyterian minister, a handful of staff and four young men who had both developmental and intellectual disabilities moved to an abandoned school house out in the pinewoods of Northwest Louisiana in a community called Evergreen. Since its inception, Evergreen has grown to serve over 1,300 individuals in seven states: Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida.

Evergreen offers a wide range of community-based services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, designed to not only meet basic needs, but also teach life skills and help each individual reach his or her own personal potential. Evergreen adapts its services and supports to fit the unique needs of each individual, and the amount and range of services depends on the needs of each person. The individuals we serve either live in our community homes or in their own homes or apartments, are encouraged and supported in their vocational endeavors and are enabled to make their own life choices each day. All of Evergreen’s efforts are designed to help people with developmental disabilities become a contributing, participating “part of society” rather than living “apart from society.”