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North Georgia Division
97 Hefner St.,
Suite 200
East Ellijay, GA 30540
(706) 529-9367


Employment and Community First Choices

These programs are designed to serve individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. At Evergreen, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live and thrive in their own home in the community. Our staff assists individuals with daily life skills, various tasks and needs, with a goal of obtaining consistent employment.

Home and Community Based Choices

At Evergreen, we believe community-based care is key to helping individuals live the most abundant and independent life possible. These services offer community-based living and care for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, as well as those who are physically disabled or elderly, who require care 24/7. Individuals live together in a home, typically with two to three other individuals, and receive around-the-clock care for all of their needs.

Community Living Supports

Known as Family Based Providers, families in the community open their home and provide care for individuals with an intellectual and/or developmental disability, as well as those with a physical disability and the elderly. Support may include assistance with daily needs, such as personal hygiene, eating and meal preparation, attending medical appointments, medication administration as well as companionship.

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