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Parachute Fancy Lanyard


Fancy Lanyard shown with our separate product, the Parachute Badge Holder.  Features black toggle cord lock to adjust length and black clip to hold any Badge Holder,  keys or  ID tag.

SKU: HVDT(215)129 Division:


The Fancy Lanyard is made of retired US Military Parachute material. The Fancy Lanyard features a plastic toggle cord lock to adjust length and it clips to any ID Badge Holder.  The plastic clasp at the back of the neck is designed as a breakaway for safety.

The Fancy Lanyard is also available in larger bulk quantities and wholesale, perfect for for conference planners, onboarding new hires, corporate team gifts, or anyone one else who wants to purchase! Contact Robby Groover for a cost for the quantity that you need. Messages are generally returned the same day or within 24 hours on business days, Monday-Friday.

Please note that the Parachute Badge Holder is a separate purchase.

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