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Parachute Ties

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We have partnered with The Necktie Company to offer you this product. The Necktie Company partners with nonprofits to support missions as part of their nonprofit extension called T.I.E.S., an acronym for Taking Initiative Empowering Success. We are honored to be among the first nonprofits chosen.

Each necktie is designed by an individual with disabilities who is receiving services through our parent organization Evergreen Life Services. The back of the necktie features an Evergreen Life Services label and a screenprinted HEAVENDROPt logo at the tipping of the necktie. The neckties also feature a piece of repurposed US military parachute cord on the back of the tie as the keeper loop to prevent the tail neatly out of sight.

Each of the ties has a different story about the origin of the design. The tabs on this page can be used to read about the designer and the inspiration for the tie design.

If you are interested in ordering ties in bulk, we are able to offer a CUSTOM LABEL tie. Instead of the Evergreen Life Services label, your organization can have its own logo! Great gifts and fundraiser items for VFW, American Legion, police organizations, fire fighters, corporate gifts, client gifts, fraternity fundraisers, and retail stores! Contact us for details!

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Patriot – Red, White & Blue, Frog – Navy, Green & Black, Triumph – Light Blue

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