Our hands-on supportive employment program offers individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities the support and assistance they need to make long-term employment a reality. We match individuals eager to work with employers in their communities. The result is almost always a success!  Employers report they get some of their most loyal and hard-working employees, and the individuals we serve get a chance to earn a competitive wage and prove they can get the job done.  We provide continuous job coaching and ongoing training for as long as the individual is working at no cost.

There are two employment options depending on each individual’s readiness and preference:

Group Placements

Teams of individuals, working under direct supervision, are contracted by local companies to work as a group.  Some of the duties might include production work, landscaping and janitorial tasks.

Individual Placements

For individuals ready for the challenges of an independent work setting, we assist them in finding a job in their community.  Our team matches job opportunities with the individual’s strengths and preferences. We continue to support the individual throughout their tenure to help ensure that both the employer and employee stay happy.

If you are an employer interested in hiring Evergreen individuals, please contact us.