Do you remember your last toothache? If you’re like most of us, you had it fixed by your dentist as soon as you could.

Imagine how you would feel if you were told that your insurance would cover only an extraction. No root canal, no crown, no bridge, no saving the tooth. Just pulling the tooth.

Unfortunately, this is normal for most people with developmental disabilities who are covered by Medicaid. Medicaid provides very limited dental care.

If they are to get the dental care they need, it must be paid for by other revenue sources, such as you and me.

For several years, Evergreen has sought donations for its Client Needs Fund, which covers essential needs, like dental care.

Last year, Evergreen spent over $40,000 from the Client Needs Fund on these critical needs for the people we serve.

But the need grows every year – especially for dental care.

Many of the individuals served arrive at Evergreen after years of dental neglect. They want and need good teeth.

Your contribution will be put to work right away, covering much needed dental care and other specific client needs, as well.

Your support will ease their pain and improve their sense of well-being and self-image.

We can do this only with your generous help.