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Because Evergreen believes that all individuals with developmental disabilities deserve to be a part of the community, and not walled away in an institution, we provide community homes for the individuals we serve. We purchase homes in nice and safe neighborhoods and Evergreen individuals live in them with our professional support. Sometimes residents in the neighborhoods we move into our weary about us moving in, but they always come around once they get to know us.

Evergreen just moved into the Cornerstone neighborhood in our Northwest Louisiana division and the President of the HOA, Nicole Flowers, stopped by with her daughter to welcome us. They had such a great time meeting Evergreen individuals that Nicole sent this sweet message to Evergreen’s Facebook Page:

“Thank you Evergreen for opening your home to me and my daughter today. The residents have beautiful souls and I was honored to visit with each of them. Welcome to Cornerstone. We are happy to have you as new residents.

Sincerely, Nicole Flowers Cornerstone HOA President”

Evergreen will soon host a ribbon cutting and open house so that all residents of Cornerstone (and the community) can have the chance to come meet their new neighbors.

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