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Carl has been with Evergreen for 9 years. Before coming to live in an Evergreen community home, Carl lived with his mom who was his rock and his caregiver. She was an amazing mother and Carl was very blessed to have her.

When she passed away, his care was left to his siblings, who all had their own families to care for.  His siblings felt that Carl would be happiest in a situation that afforded him some independence, and the supported living provided by Evergreen was exactly what they were looking for.

Carl has been a valued employee at Albertsons for 17 years. Carl has a history of seizures and after an episode of several, he had to miss many days of work. His sister was worried that he would lose his job at Albertsons for missing his shifts, so one of his Evergreen caregivers went to speak to his manager. She was told that Carl would always have a job at Albertsons – a true testament to what a great employee he is.

Carl has gained many life skills since being in an Evergreen community home. He has become more social and learned to live with roommates. He has learned how to prepare meals. He has learned how to clean up after himself. And most importantly, he has gained confidence and independence.

When Carl isn’t working at Albertsons, he spends time volunteering at local charities. He is also a puzzle-fanatic. He loves putting puzzles together and framing them.

Your support gives individuals like Carl the chance to lead a normal life integrated in their community. Individuals like Carl are assets, not burdens. Your gift will help us overcome a false stigma that has existed for centuries.

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