Evergreen’s Celebrity Waiter Dinner is a much-loved fundraiser in the greater North Louisiana area, and 2020 marks its 12th year as we come together virtually June 25, 2020. In a normal year, this event is hosted at a large venue where waiters compete against each other for tips. The waiters are community leaders and/or individuals who care about making a difference and supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in their community. Each year has a theme, and each waiter decorates their table to match the theme. 2020’s theme is Around the World with Evergreen: A Passport to Better Lives. The irony of a traveling theme does not escape us.

Concerns for safety, as well as the ban on mass gatherings, have impacted all of our in-person fundraising events for 2020. But Evergreen still has a mission and we need your support more than ever before. Luckily, technology can bring us all together to support some of our most vulnerable community members.

▪ Virtual waiters and table hosts raising $500 or more in tips prior to or during the event will be entered for a chance to win a GoPro action camera!
▪ Pictures of your guests can be submitted and we will post them on our website.
▪ Participate in the best decorated or best-dressed theme for a chance to win a prize.
▪ Join us for a cocktail and mocktail demonstration and live entertainment before the event.

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More information

  • The event will be hosted via ZOOM. You will receive your ZOOM invitation before the event. If you have trouble with connectivity, contact James Frey at (318) 529-8005 or [email protected]
  •  If you have already purchased your sponsorship, you and your guests should register for the online auction at this link. You do not need to purchase tickets.
  •  Individuals who wish to join us for our first virtual event can purchase a ticket at this link. Don’t forget to register for the online auction.
  • If you are unable to attend the event, you can still support our event by participating in the online auction. You can register here. Link
  • Once you register to participate in the online auction, you will receive a text on your mobile phone. Your welcome message will contain a link to the auction site you will use before and during the event to bid. Don’t miss the exciting opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime deals that provide much-needed programs for people with disabilities!
  • Sponsors can contact Cathey Crow at (318) 529-8264 to arrange for your catered meal to enjoy with your guests!
  •  Virtual waiters are working hard to raise money to support our mission. Each waiter raising $500 or more before and during the event will be entered in a drawing to win a GoPro Action Camera! Please support community and business leaders during the auction in their quest to build better lives for individuals entrusted to our care!
  • If you are participating in the best-dressed contest or if you would like to show your support by recording a 30 second or less video on your mobile phone, text your pictures and video to Cathey Crow at (318) 529-8264.


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For more information on Celebrity Waiter Dinner sponsorships, contact Cathey Crow at:

Office: (318) 949-5505
Cell: (318) 529-8264
Email: [email protected]