What is Giving Tuesday?

After the biggest shopping weekend of the year, millions of Americans celebrate Giving Tuesday—a day for families and communities to come together and give back and help those in need. A lot of charities are asking for your support on this day. Here’s why we think you should give back by giving to Evergreen Life Services.

The Problem:

In eight states throughout America, Evergreen proudly serves over 1,100 persons diagnosed with a developmental, intellectual, and/or physical disability. Evergreen receives funding from state insurance programs to care for the people we serve, however the funds we are reimbursed with do not adequately pay for essential and critical needs such as specialized wheelchairs, some types of dental care and/or medical care and adaptive equipment. Additionally, some of our most innovative programming is reliant on funds raised from non-government sources, such as our highly popular cultural arts centers and our EvergreenGROWS horticultural programs. Evergreen is left to foot the bills on all these needs, and we must raise funds throughout the year to cover these ever-increasing costs due to an aging population.

The Solution:

Every dollar you donate to Evergreenls.org helps support the individuals we serve with the highest quality of care and helps us leverage support from local businesses, families, and churches. Yes – it is that easy.

Your support of our work says you believe that you will be making a big difference for each individual served by our dynamic and engaging programs. A monthly gift commitment will provide some of the following support.

For just cents a day, you really can make dreams come true for our deserving program participants. We invite you to become part of the solution! Below you can see some examples of how your donation might be utilized for our diverse program needs.

Whether your support is providing art supplies for our cultural arts programs, production supplies for our HEAVENDROPt program, or helping to fund our EvergreenCARES dental program for individuals who need dental surgery not covered by Medicaid, your donation is so appreciated and critical! All these items are meaningful and essential ways to give to the Evergreen community, a community where EVERYONE MATTERS!

Donate Today!