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Beethoven once said, “Music can change the world.” For many of individuals we serve at Evergreen Life Services with intellectual and developmental disabilities, music also changes their lives.

Considered one of the greatest composers of all time, Beethoven was able to create incredible masterpieces despite being completely deaf. Instead of giving up his love for music as his hearing loss accelerated, he persevered and continued to produce amazing works that are still enjoyed and admired by people all over the world, even 200 years later.

While very few of us are born with innate musical abilities, many of us can relate to Beethoven in that we have all experienced challenges. Or we may have a loved one that faces physical, developmental, or intellectual disabilities. But one of the best things about music therapy is that you don’t have to have any musical ability to benefit, and everyone can participate.

According to the American Music Therapy Association, individuals with mental health needs, developmental and learning disabilities, brain injuries, and physical disabilities can all benefit from music therapy.

Research has shown that music therapy can:

  1. Increase verbalization
  2. Provide motivation
  3. Enhance self confidence
  4. Reduce agitation and anxiety
  5. Decrease muscle tension
  6. Improve relationships
  7. Instill group cohesiveness
  8. Increase happiness

Music therapy can also improve heart rate, stimulate the mind, and enhance learning. Plus, music boosts our mood and can encourage us to move more and stay active.

In many of Evergreen Life Services’ community homes, music is often a central part of activity. It helps enhance socialization skills and build friendships, which is an important part of our mission.

Evergreen’s 16 Day Programs are designed to meet the unique social, emotional, and educational needs of individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Each Day Program provides a safe, secure, and stimulating environment where adults with disabilities can learn, grow, nurture relationships with their peers and actively participate in the community around them. Music therapy, along with art classes, cooking lessons, and vocational training are just a few of the wide-ranging enrichment activities we offer at these programs.

To learn more about how you can help support Evergreen Life Services and enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through music and other therapies, contact us today!



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