We are deeply grateful to our sponsors, friends and supporters who donated to our 1st divisional End of Year Appeal, in support of our national Client Needs Fund. Just as with all contributions from friends and supporters, these gifts have made – and will continue to make – a real difference in the lives of the people we serve!  We wish to recognize all who gave so graciously and made our 1st divisional fundraiser a big success!
In keeping with our campaign promise, our wonderful sponsors will be published in a full-page, full-color thank you ad in both the Hammond Daily Star (Sunday, January 28) and the Ponchatoula Times (Thursday, January 25).  Their names will be listed in our first recognition plaque, which will be displayed in our Ponchatoula office conference room.  We also wish to recognize our Friends and Supporters, who helped us reach – as well as to exceed – our local goal of $10,000!
LISKOW & LEWIS**; Anonymous; Mr. & Mrs. James L. Ellis; Anonymous; Frank Anderson, M.D.*; Mr. & Mrs. John Compton; ANDERSON & BOUTWELL – LOUISIANA BRAIN INJURY ATTORNEYS**; SEALE, SMITH, ZUBER & BARNETTE, LLP**; Mrs. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Anderson*, Jr.; COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES, INC.**; Rev. Barry & Mrs. Katie Chance; DAMIAN CALATO & CALE SMITH, MASSMUTUAL LOUISIANA; Mr. Charles Voss; BLUMBERG AND ASSOCIATES INC.; HOOVER FAMILY DENTISTRY; Mr. James Schiro; DONALD G. CAVE, ATTORNEY AT LAW**; Ms, Kathleen Boldon; Mr. Richard Britson; Mr. David Hall; Mr. Frederick Henderson; Mr. Thomas McVea; Mr. Gaines Mikell; Mr. William Starr; Mr. Joe & Mrs. Carole Troha; Anonymous; and BROADMOOR PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, BATON ROUGE.
Rev. Claire Brooks; Ms. Joyce Duhon; Mr. John Hebert*; Mr. Keith Hemsteter; Mrs.Carolyn McNeal; Ms. Shirley Parker; Ms. Linda Guttuso; Anonymous; Mr. Armand Zucconi; Mr. John Benjamin; Anonymous*; Judge Robert Downing; Mr. Johnny Hood (deceased); Ms. Cynthia Norwood*; Mr. & Mrs. Garland Rolling, Mrs. Pearl Dorsa;Mr. Rick Slabaugh; Mr. Daniel Magri’ and Mr. Bobby Nagin*.
Firehouse Subs; Elmer Candy Corporation; Mrs. Susan Kroll


Help us meet our TOP 4 2018 Fundraising Goals!
  • $60,000 in new grants to build garden, expand wheelchair service, provide
    employment opportunities for individuals
  • $19,000+ in major donor gifts (25% increase from 2017)
  • $ 8,000+ in annual gifts (25% increase from 2017)
  • $ 4,500+ in church gifts (25% increase from 2017)