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Joyce joined the Evergreen family after Evergreen closed the poorly run private institution where she had lived for many years.

Picture what it would be like to live in a dilapidated institution – florescent lighting, bad plumbing, little to no personal space and leaky roofs.  This was Joyce’s reality. Joyce spent most of her days sitting in a wheelchair in the bedroom she shared with three other women. Joyce has a developmental disability, as well as very limited eyesight. She came to rely on the staff to do the things that make a person independent, such as going to the restroom without assistance, getting dressed and feeding oneself.

The transition into a community-based home has been life-changing for Joyce. She has thrived and regained much of her independence. She doesn’t use her wheelchair as much and loves to walk around and visit with her housemates. She sings gospel music and enjoys going to the prayer garden near her new home. Joyce also enjoys group outings. One of her favorites is Niblettz Bluff – a peaceful park where she is able to relax on the bank of the Sabine River.

At the institution, Joyce’s days were bleak and monotonous. Thanks to you, her days are now full of light. Your generosity helped Evergreen close the institution and build new accessible homes.

You can us create more stories like Joyce’s.  Please support Evergreen as we continue to serve individuals with disabilities in a multitude of ways.

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