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Finding joy, confidence and fulfillment on the playing field and in life

Tony Thomas will be competing against the top Special Olympics athletes in the nation for flag football at the 2018 USA Games in Seattle, Washington. Tony is the running back for Team Kentucky. He has been served by Evergreen’s Bowling Green, KY location for 10 years. If his team wins the USA Games they could move onto the World Games.

Tony’s dedication and hard work earned him this amazing accomplishment. You gave him the opportunity to try. Your support has funded years of rides to and from practice, meals and lodging for away games, and countless memories.

The Special Olympics has given Tony confidence to thrive on and off the field. He works 4 days a week at Sonic. When you ask Tony what he does at Sonic he doesn’t mince words.  “Onion rings,” he says.

Tony is one of Evergreen’s star athletes. But your generosity has allowed hundreds of the individuals we serve to participate in Special Olympics programs in their communities. Without you, we could not provide rides to and from practice and competitions and put a cheering member of the Evergreen staff on the sidelines of their most important competitions and games.  And even more importantly, you give confidence, better health and improved social skills to all of those participating in Special Olympics programs.

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