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With the right support, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities can live, work and vacation just like their peers without disabilities.

Toby, an individual served by our Kentucky division, recently traveled to the Philippines with his Evergreen family care provider. For over a year, Toby saved money he earned working full-time on the maintenance team at Chili’s Grill & Bar to help pay for this once-in-a-lifetime trip. His Evergreen care team worked with Toby to create a weekly budget and helped Toby adhere to it in order to reach his vacation goal.

Toby had never been on an airplane before and was nervous. Turns out, Toby is a natural! The flight was one his favorite parts of the trip. Toby and family care provider stopped by Evergreen’s Bowling Green office last week to let the State Executive Director, Raynard Gant, know that they are budgeting for their next adventure. Toby is thinking Hawaii!

Toby enjoying a well-earned vacation

Toby is one of Evergreen’s first persons served in Bowling Green, KY. He has been with Evergreen for more than 10 years. Evergreen did not provide any funds for Toby’s trip – he did it all by himself. How’s that for #vacationgoals?

Beautiful water in the Philippines

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