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At Evergreen, every day we change lives for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Throughout our 60 years of experience, we have witnessed the increased self-confidence and independence the people we serve gain when we teach and practice life skills. The ability to complete tasks with as little assistance as possible is important at home, work, and for socializing.

Through each of our programs, including our Community Based-Homes, Day Programs, Independent Living Support, Cultural Art Centers, and Vocational Training, our dedicated professionals work alongside the people we serve to help them learn and practice important daily living skills that enable them to live as independently as possible.

We understand that each of the individuals we support have different needs and abilities. Mastering these life skills does not mean they must learn to do everything on their own. Instead, it helps the people we serve be aware of what tasks are a challenge, and enables them to manage situations. This increases organizational skills and sets a foundation for self-sufficiency.

Here are five of the most important daily living skills that we teach and practice alongside the people we serve to improve their self-worth and help them lead full, abundant lives.

  1. Self-Care
    This includes creating and practicing daily routines such as personal hygiene, healthy eating, exercise, getting dressed, and more.
  2. Vocational Skills
    Whenever possible, we encourage the people we serve to be contributing members of society through employment. To prepare them for these opportunities, we encourage positive work habits such as being punctual, following directions, and working as a team.
  3. Daily Living Skills
    We encourage the people we serve to develop practical living skills such as safety, using transportation, basic computer skills, housecleaning, and money skills.
  4. Shopping Skills
    Evergreen works alongside the people we serve to create a shopping list, understand a budget, and use money to make healthy choices at the grocery store.
  5. Cooking and Laundry Skills
    Our Day Programs, Community-Based Homes, and Independent Living Support services allow the people we serve to apply and practice the more in-depth daily living skills they have learned, including cooking and laundry skills.

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